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What our clients have to say

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Over the years of being business we have gathered many glowing reviews and testimonials from our clients, here are only a few.

“Dear Greg and Lucille – to the best builders ever dealt with over the past 20 years.

Thank you for always delivering on time, being available when needed, dealing with all our diverse personalities with great diplomacy and for updating our environments so beautifully.  The improved flows have made such a difference to our operations, we are delighted with the end results.

Kind Regards, Knysna Montessori School”



Your team has almost finished the contract, and while there will be an additional invoice for extra work done, I’m happy with what has been done, so I paid the balance of your estimate. As I said to Greg on the phone earlier, I’m really impressed with the quality of work you do, value for money and the good, co-operative attitude I experienced from all your employees.

Well-done to you all!

Kind regards, Glen, The Heads.”


“Dear Greg,

Thank you for the excellent job your team undertook in preparing our house floors before they were laminated by Carpet Co. Bringing in extra workmen speeded up the initial part of the job which we appreciated. We can always rely on your complete professionalism.

Now all is complete, the new floor is looking very good and our home is back to normal.

Kind regards from us both,

Lindajane and Trevor”


“I just want to send a special Huge thanks to you and Lucille for always being there and fixing and mending – I’m so grateful – I pray that God will bless you and your family and truly Favour you this year and always.

Pam, Sparrebosch.”

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